Okay it’s official, I’M PACKED & READY FOR VEGAS!

I finally leave tomorrow morning! After waiting so long for this, EDC is just 2 days away! Sleeping is going to be so difficult tonight ha

I’ll try to post pictures/videos of everything while I’m there, definitely when I get back though! Ahhh I’m so stoked! hfdhajfa

I’m not so stoked for the ride over there though haha. If any of you want to, you should leave your number in my ask so I’ll have a texting buddy Dx
So as of tomorrow morning, I’ll see you guys in a week! Positive vibes sent to each & one of you  

Thursday Jun 6 @ 12:13am
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tagged as: If you're going you should let me know too!. Ahhh it's just around the corner!. I''ma be so happy. Vacation. Personal. EDC. Electric Daisy Carnival.

  1. lightplusdarkness said: Have fun! Be safe
  2. introspecti0nnn said: OMG I’m so excited for you ! Wish I could be there :) have fun!!!
  3. goodvibes-muffin said: text me man!
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